KNS Parent Teacher Association

Kia ora koutou!

The KNS Parent Teacher Association is a motivated group of parents of pupils and teachers who work together to improve our school community – a community you are now a welcome part of.

We do this by….


Each year the PTA needs to raise funds to pay for things the school needs but the Ministry of Education does not fund.  We do that by organising events big and small. Over the years we have coordinated activities such as School Fairs, Home and Garden Tours, uniform sales, Quiz Nights, child art orders (cards, diaries, etc), croissant sales, BBQs, selling Entertainment Books – anything we can think of.

The money has been used to buy: ICT equipment, computers, fund our school mobile app, musical instruments, playground and sports equipment, and much more.

Community building

Whether it’s fun stuff for the kids (we run refreshment stands at Matariki, the Talent Quest and School Disco) or for the adults (Pub Get-togethers and Quiz Nights) the PTA run several events a year aimed at connecting pupils and parents.

Improving the school environment

Our members help keep the gardens and grounds in good – and safe – condition, and were key to creating our beloved Gully.

Helping the teachers

We coordinate the appointment of at least two parents/caregivers every year to support the pupils and teachers in each classroom. These people are vital in keeping parents informed and communicating with the school as a whole. Please feel free to approach your classroom teacher to see who your classroom coordinator is.

We are essential to the school because….

The students need the money we raise

As a Decile 10 school we are not funded to the level we need to create the kind of stimulating and modern learning environment we want for our kids. Our fundraising allows us to provide that.

The teachers need the help we give

Again, partly because of funding shortfalls we can’t afford much extra help in the classroom. With your help to do some of the fiddly bits, our teachers can spend more time teaching our children.

Why we are good for you….

Being part of the PTA is a great way for you to get involved in the school and meet other parents. You get to have a say about what happens around the school and you help make that happen.


While they may be changed around, generally our meetings are in the staffroom on a Monday, week 2 and week 9 of every term. Check out the calendar or mobile app for PTA meeting dates and times.

We look forward to meeting you….

You don’t have to come to the meetings – anything you can do to help the PTA, the school and the children is gratefully received.

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