Creativity and the Arts

Kelburn Normal School has a long history of being a creative school with excellence in the performing arts. It is well known for these attributes. The first four words in our school vision are …"where students learn creatively…

Creativity is at the heart of the way we learn at Kelburn. As a primary school, our children are emerging and then become competent readers, writers and mathematicians. We have developed systems around the multiple literacies that sees our curriculum delivered in a dynamic and rich learning environment to enhance and deepen their understand of what they are inquiring into.

Central to our creativity and arts curriculum our students use and enjoy multiple literacies, and practise the key competencies this enables the students to:

  • continue on with their play, and extend its imaginative scope
  • enhance their learning capacity by combining verbal with other literacies
  • interact to explore different media, and produce well crafted works
  • discover their talents, and know how to express them
  • practise and rehearse purposefully, and perform confidently
  • gain the resourcefulness to draw on tradition, and cultivate creative thinking
  • inquire into their culture and values, engaging with new roles and perspectives, and developing critical thinking
  • be competent in the use of both old and new technologies.