Our Library

Currently the school has a well resourced library. Children visit the library once a week with their classes to browse and issue books. The library is also available during class time for children to pop in and search information, or exchange books that they have read.

Our librarians are trained and help out classes and before and after school to ensure the library is always perfect for the next person.

The library is open on Wednesday lunchtime for Code club and Thursday lunchtime for games. The after school Code club is on Monday at 4.45pm.

Our new building will see the library distributed through the building and a self issuing process will prevail. Much of the structural library system management will be managed by the senior students. This is an exciting development which gives children full and always access to our library resources and allows our children to grow their contribution and service to the school.

Kelburn Normal School - Library Team:

  • Joelle Clark, Library Teacher
  • Katharina Vautier, Library Assistant
  • Danielle Sanders, Deputy Principal
  • Andrew Bird, Principal


Our library email: library@kelburnnormal.school.nz

Our library website: http://aiscloud.nz/KBNS/#!dashboard