Te Ara Whānui caters for children in the Year 5-6 year level and the children are aged between 9-11 years. The children generally work at the level 3 area of the NZ Curriculum.

At Year 5-6, while the children are growing in independence, they are still mastering the fundamentals of reading, writing and maths, as well as collaborative learning skills. The goal of the Upper Middle syndicate is to prepare the children for the ‘intermediate’ years of year 7-8 where greater independent learning is required.

Children in Whānui contribute to the life of the school through participating in a greater range of sporting and cultural groups.  They can also contribute with community service such as road patrol, library, sports organisation and some mentorship and supervision of younger children.

We offer a broad curriculum with maths and literacies the main focus, along with regular and consistent inquiry learning experiences involving science, technology, social studies, and health and environmental studies. Supporting these learning areas are daily physical education, visual art, dance, drama and music and Te Reo and Mandarin languages. We have very busy weeks and a lot of fun.

Many of our students have busy lives out of school and so we a have a low-key approach to homework. We expect our children to spend time on their personal choice reading and have a minimum expectation of mastering the basic maths facts through math maintenance on the Mathletics programme as the priorities.  Very occasionally children may work on personal inquiry or projects at home.

Our team building focus in term 1 sends us away to our annual camp and sets us up well for the rest of the year. Our close proximity to the city means that we get excellent access to many creative events in Wellington.

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